The best investment you can make is in yourself.
— Warren Buffet

Owner's Note: While these are our general starting rates, understand that our goal is to help you bring your vision to life. If you decide that Mama, I Want to Write! is the company you would like to hire, but are concerned about the investment level, send us an email so we can figure out how to make it all happen. 

Services & Pricing*


Let's say you have the idea but lack the time. We can be your personal ghostwriters and pen as little or as much of your book as you need us to. The process is simple: we hold 2-3 interview sessions, compile our notes, create an outline for your project and begin creating your story. You can either choose to co-author with your ghostwriter or opt for all the credit to go to you. It's your story, your choice. Ghostwriting a book tends to be expensive because it takes skill, time, research and a committed writer who can help bring your vision to reality. While most ghostwriting fees start at $25,000 for a full-length book, our boutique agency works with a limited number of clients, making it easier to offer affordable rates. 

Full-Length (max. 100K words or 250+ pages)   Inquire About Our Affordable Rates

What You'll Receive: 

  • A professionally written manuscript in your name
  • 100% of the profits (once the book goes on sale)
  • Interviews with your ghostwriter, so they can grasp your vision
  • A first-round draft of your book
  • Revised drafts of your book, based on any requested changes
  • 100% of the profits (once the book goes on sale)
  • 20% Discount off miscellaneous services

    Partial Ghostwriting                                     Inquire About Our Affordable Rates

Ebooks, Workbooks (max. 25K words)         Inquire About Our Affordable Rates



Sometimes you know what to write, but you just need help with putting it on paper. Our one-on-one writing coaching sessions gives you access to an experienced writing coach who can help you overcome any hiccups or questions while also lending expertise in how to outline, write and publish your book. 

Starts at $65/hour


 You’ve written the book of your dreams and are confident that it's going to be a best-seller. Congratulations! Imagine how much of a relief it would be to have a professional add rewrites to your material.  Our writers are experienced and trained at creating a reading experience out of bland, boring, so-so content. 

Depends on Condition of Manuscript


In addition to our listed services, we also offer miscellaneous services to aid in assisting you through any part of your writing or creative journey. 

  • Book/Project Synopsis Starts at $150

  • Book Cover Design Starts at $400

        *Pricing is customized & unique to each project. 


You’ve written the book of your dreams and are sure it’s perfect! Awesome! But how much of a relief would it be to have a second set of eyes to proofread and edit your material? You’d be surprised how often we overlook errors in our own work. Allow us to proofread and edit your project, correcting common flow, grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors. Remember, you only have one chance for a first impression. Make sure you’re putting your best foot forward when publishing or pitching your book. Editing and proofreading does NOT include rewrites.

Starts at $4/page

content development

Communicating with clients is something no business owner can realistically escape from. The question isn't whether you'll need content in your business- you will -, it's whether the content speaks to your ideal and/or loyal clients. Whether you're in need of content development for your website, business collateral, newsletter, blog, mobile application, SMS (Text) campaigns or social media posts, allow us to help you create the perfect customized message designed to compliment your marketing efforts.

Remember, content truly is king! 

  • Content Audit $1,500

  • Mini Content Audit $750

  • Competitor Content Analysis $2,300

  • Content Strategy $1,000

  • Content Management $2,000+

  • Content Creation Retainer $1,500+

  • Website Content Starts at $300+/page

  • Landing Page Content Starts at $400+

  • Bio Development Starts at $250+

  • E-Mail Newsletter Content Starts at $300/per issue

  • Blog Ghostwriting Starts at $250+

  • Press Release Starts at $250+

  • Social Media Content/Management Starts at $250+                

Elevator pitch coaching

Every brand and business should have their elevator pitch speech ready. Allow our experienced elevator pitch coach to help you prepare for elevator pitch contests, presentations of impromptu meetings. We will help you create an outline, points and, ultimately, flesh out the only elevator pitch speech you'll ever need. 

Starts at $100/hour