Who doesn't love a story of success? In today's publishing climate, it's practically impossible to find an author (or aspiring author) who hasn't been intrigued by the increased success of ebooks. 

The Detroit Free Press published an article today about some of the highly successful authors who have made a killing at creating ebooks. From monthly profits of $20,000 to nearly $140,000, it's easy to see just why so many authors (and people who have never considered themselves authors) are taking a crack at ebooks and quitting their day jobs in the process. Similar to the dot-com boom in the 90s, ebooks are only going to become more and more necessary for authors. Think it's a fad? Try this test: head to Amazon and do a search on any given topic. Hopefully, you're sitting because, regardless of what topic you chose, the number of available titles is likely to shock/overwhelm/surprise you. Yes, there are people who write books about how to survive an apocalypse because there's a market for it. Sure, there are books about how to become a comedian because there's a market for it. 

I thought at $50,000 a month it never could go higher. And then it jumped to $70,000 a month,” Lee said. “I started panicking a little because you feel all this pressure, ‘Well, how am I going to keep this up?’ I kept waiting for the longest time for the bottom to fall out, but I seem to have stabilized.
— Amanda Lee, best-selling ebook author

You read correctly. $70,000 a month for ebooks. While Amanda Lee and the other successful ebook authors didn't set out to be millionaires as authors, they definitely stumbled upon a goldmine and are riding the wave out perfectly. 

Boyd Craven, another ebook author who writes about "prepping" (storing food in the event of a calamity), self-published his first ebook in 2015 and quickly found his calling. Even after failing English in high school and twice in community college, Craven found his audience and catered to them. Craven publishes a short story or novella every 3 weeks (whew!). Due to his demanding schedule, he now employs his own team of editors, something he says is necessary to make sure he's giving his best product to his fans. 

While self-published authors can enjoy a larger share of the revenue from their books’ sales than new writers with traditional publishers, they can miss out on the editing processed and marketing resources that are found at publishing houses. Readers can notice the difference in editing rigor very quickly.

That is why Craven and Lee, like many other top-selling self-published authors, now hire their own small teams of professional editors to help polish their writing and fix typos.
— Boyd Craven, Ebook best-selling author

The article was extremely insightful and further highlighted the necessity for authors (and aspiring authors) to get on the bandwagon for ebooks and to do it professionally. 

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Think about it...you could be one story away from quitting your day job!