What exactly is a ghostwriter?

A ghostwriter is an experienced author or writer who pens the story in your head/heart for you. A ghostwriter works behind the scenes to make your journey to becoming a published author an easy one. You are the face of your project and (in most cases) the only author listed on the front of the cover. It’s your story, your voice and your ghostwriter’s skills and words fusing everything together effortlessly. In short, you dream it, the ghostwriter writes it! 

Can you work with me if I’ve already started a book? 

Yes! The beautiful part about ghostwriting is that we can take any writing needs (unfinished or finished) and enhance it. So, if you’ve started a book and need a little guidance, we’re here for you.

Can I view samples of your work?

Yes...to an extent. Because we deal with clients confidentially (and in many cases, on ghostwriting projects where our clients receive all the credit), we must first receive written approval from our clients prior to sharing their finalized work. No worries, though, we have plenty of samples to share once a mutual Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) has been signed. 

How much do you charge for ghostwriting? 

This is always the trickiest question for us to answer, especially sight unseen. Ghostwriting fees depend on so many unique factors and are rarely cookie-cutter costs that are applicable from project to project. Costs to each project are unique. In determining our fees, we look at the length of the manuscript (or the expected length), how much research the project needs, how many interviews we have to conduct, if travel is involved and whether extras (copyediting, typesetting, cover design, press release, bios, etc.) are needed. 

I always stress to potential clients that costs should NOT be the most important factor when choosing a ghostwriter. Why? Simply put, you have to make sure the ghostwriter you hire shares your excitement and vision while being committed to learning about your project. Lastly- and most importantly- you have to consider if the ghostwriter recognizes that, while they put hours and hours of work into a project, it is YOUR project- YOUR vision- YOUR baby. 

I said all that to say, while cost is important it should not be your most important factor when hiring a ghostwriter. 

However, as a point of reference, many ghostwriters start their rates for full-length books at $25,000 (we don't). Rewrites are significantly less (as the writer doesn't have to create brand new material) and editing and proofreading are generally priced per page. 

To get an idea of what our starting rates are, visit our Services & Pricing page!

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If I were to hire you, would i need to pay everything up front?  

No. For full-length projects, we ask for 40% down, 30% when the first rough draft is presented and the remaining 30% when the manuscript is complete. For all other projects, we ask for 50% down and the balance when the project is finalized.